Our Aims

Our fundamental purpose is to promote hope and mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing in a safe supportive and welcoming environment. We do this by offering groups and activities aimed to educate, encourage lifelong learning; increase confidence; provide enjoyment and social inclusion and combat loneliness.

We support members on their recovery journey and in the maintenance of their wellbeing by exploring their aspirations and providing them with a self-directed plan and the tools and support needed to turn their aspirations into reality. Mental illness still attracts a great deal of stigma and discrimination. At NFOW we are working hard to break down such barriers and provide members with the tools, and if necessary support and independent advocacy, to deal with such problems.

Although originally formed in response to a need for mental health services, NFOW activities are open to all in the community; anyone who feels they may benefit from what we do.


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Denton Green Training Centre
Nottingham - NG8 6GD